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      Project Updates

  • Completed re-point of 9.4 meter Andrew on top of the GlobeCast building in Culver City California.
  • Worked with Roberts Communication on 4.5 meter up link in Mexico City
  • Completed inspections in Northern Territory Australia and Western Australia for the University of Tasmania
  • Installed new Snow cover for Eurovision in Washington DC
  • Repaired Rx antenna in Baltimore for the Orioles
  • Service checks\tune and training in Wyandotte Michigan for municipal cable service 
  • Worked with Pacific Cable to remove a 13 meter out dated satellite antenna in southern California
  • Installed a GOES 16 4.5 meter Challenger antenna in WV for Challenger Communications.
  • Tuned one 2.4 meter antenna for Bridged Technology
  • Worked with Challenger Communications to change out elevation 35 ton jack screw on 12 meter radio telescope in western Australia. 
  • Worked with Pacific Cable, re-sectored a Vertex 4.8 meter antenna, installed fiber gear, BDC's, including noise sources, tested signal levels, antenna to be used for GoGo inflight services.
  • Completed the removal of a 4.5 meter Vertex 2 port Ku antenna from the roof of WEWS Cleveland Ohio, replaced it with a DH 3.8 meter motorized 4 port feed antenna system.
  • Completed a installation for Challenger Communications of one 7.5 meter Challenger antenna with a triple beam feed assembly in Anchorage Alaska for Denali Media.
  • Installed snow cover on a 4.5 meter Challenger antenna in DC for EBU
  •  CES 2018 show, We provided services to Ford in the north hall, GPS/DirecTv to Samsung LG  and Globecom in Central hall, and Universal received DirecTv/Dish Network Satellite signals.
  • Completed a service call to Oxford Wisconsin to repair a SES1 feed for SES/Pacific Cable.
  • Installed one DH 4.5 meter motorized antenna, checked and re-peaked several other antennas in Augusta GA.
  • Installed a new snow cover for EBU in Washington DC.
  • Changed out 4.5 meter Challenger antenna panels in West Virginia.
  • Completed new D H motorized antenna installation in Kalamazoo MI for NSC.
  • Installed 7.5 meter Challenger in Anchorage AK, re-pointed older 7.5 to new satellite services
  • Site checked Baltimore Orioles base ball park.
  • Re-pointed 4.5 meter SSE antenna for EBU in Washington DC
  • Installed 6.3 meter Vertex TX/RX, motroized, full de-icing system in Olatha KS area.
  • On site service check in Wheeling WV for Center TV
  • Re-point 3.8 meter antenna for Baltimore Orioles.
  • Repairs on 4.5 meter Challenger in DC for EBU

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1986
  • Earth station repair services.
  • Satellite Antenna maintenance services
  • Radio Telescope antenna installations
  • Antenna controller upgrades, repairs, full maintenance services
  • IBSW Member Local 973 Since 2005
  • One 5 meter RX transportable satellite antenna rental, antenna based in Michigan