Global Antenna Services

We have the technicians you need on your sites, with projects completed over the last 35 years that cover helicopter lifts in down town Chicago, steep graded mountain top installations in Puerto Rico at Arecibo Observatory.

We have competed projects in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, all over the US and we can help with your projects any where you need professional teams of Satellite techs.

Global Antenna Services can put its experience with earth station maintenance, installations, controller up grades, removals, antenna moves, even trade show live content services.

We have completed projects from 90Cm to 12 meter installations, 16 meter removals and several 6 meter one piece moves.

We can help with the smallest to the largest projects, you will enjoy working with our eclectic group of highly trained professionals.

Check out our satisfied clients.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1986
  • Thousands of hours of field experience
  • SBCA trained professionals
  • Challenger certified installations